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Southwest Propane

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How to identify key important parts of a propane tank! Know how to shut off the service valve in an emergency!
In the unfortunate event that you should run out of propane: Shut off the gas valve on the propane tank; shut valves off to all gas appliances, and contact Southwest Propane for refueling. For your safety, and State requirements, Southwest Propane is required to perform a safety check on your propane system anytime our drivers fill an empty propane tank. If an outage occurs, your family or property could be at risk. Therefore, safety procedures must be performed. Southwest Propane requires that with any Out of Gas situation, you or another responsible adult be at your home at the time of delivery. We CANNOT make an Out of Gas delivery without complete access to your entire propane system. A leak test will be performed, all pilots will be re-lit and/or we will insure that the electronic ignition system has reset. To avoid the out-of-gas service fees and inconvenience, monitor your tank's gauge on a regular basis and be sure your tank gauge remains at 30% or greater.

Please check out these propane safety videos! 
Propane tanks have % gauges.These are not gallon gauges! Knowing how to read your gauge is critical when you are below 20% . Gauges use a magnet and a float that sometimes stick. Not accurate to +/- 5% 
Sometimes pressure gauges are mistaken for % gauge
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